Christopher Priest To Write New ‘Draculina’ Series; First Issue Due Out In February

by Erik Amaya

Draculina, Vampirella’s sister, has made occasional appearances across the years, but she’s getting a series of her own this coming February from Dynamite, writer Christoper Priest, artist Michael Sta. Maria, colorist Ivan Nunes and letterer Willie Schuber. Following on from her guest stints in Vampirella, Sacred Six, and Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy, Draculina finds herself “attached” to a preteen vamp-groupie, Katie, with their souls linked. Not that this stops her from plotting her own agenda of retribution and evil. When in the driver’s seat, she adopts the persona of a socialite named “River East,” playing the part for likes and her long-range plan. But will both women long survived being trapped within the other?

“The book is about one child and two destinies,” Priest said in a statement. “It is a metaphor for life: the road not traveled. Every day each of us make choices that lead to varying consequences which affect our reality. That is what we are seeing here: Lilith’s choices splitting reality and the consequences that brings.”

Covers for the issue include contributions from Collette Turner, Rose Besch, Guillem March, Rafael Kayanan, a cosplay cover from Panda Valentine, and a “unique approach to a stunning incentive variant” from Judy Jong.

Draculina #1 is due out in February.

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