Burn Notice: Todd McFarlane’s Debut Team Book ‘Scorched’ #1 Out January 2022

by Olly MacNamee

The press release for this new series talks a good talk, but doesn’t really walk a good walk. While it announces a whole selection of variant covers it only includes the one. I assume someone is sleeping at the wheel on this announcement. But then, it is a Friday, right? I can’t really blame ’em. But what we do know is that fans will be getting nine variants from Ryan Stegman, Puppeteer Lee, Brett Booth, Greg Capullo (1:50), Don Aguillo, fellow Image founder Mark Silvestri, and McFarlane and when we get a look at them, so will you. But for now, here’s one of those cover by Brett Booth:

“The Scorched comic series, Todd McFarlane’s highly anticipated first ever superhero team book, is next on deck in the Year of Spawn. It follows his three record-breaking new comic title releases in 2021. McFarlane’s chosen creative team for The Scorched series is the top creative team with writer Sean Lewis and artists Stephen Segovia and Paulo Sequeria. The Scorched #1 is the first all-new issue of McFarlane’s Superhero team book. After 30 years of the regular monthly Spawn book, The Scorched gathers the best characters for three decades and puts them together into one title. The first issue’s initial characters in The Scorched #1 will include Reaper, Spawn, Redeemer, Gunslinger, Medieval Spawn, She-Spawn, and many more waiting in the wings.”

Here’s a list of the covers you’ll be able to find:

  • Cover A by Puppeteer Lee
  • Cover B by Brett Booth (Connecting Cover)
  • Cover C by Greg Capullo
  • Cover D by Todd McFarlane
  • Cover E by Don Aguillo
  • Cover F by Marc Silvestri
  • Cover G by Ryan Stegman
  • Cover H 1:50 copy incentive sketch by Capullo
  • Cover I 1:250 copy incentive McFarlane signed

So, look out for the next new title in the Todd McFarlane’ Spawn Universe when The Scorched #1 comes out on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 from Image Comics from Image Comics:

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