‘Marvel Future Fight’ Joins Forces With The Eternals In Newest Update

by Gary Catig

Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Revolution aren’t the only mobile games receiving an Eternals tie-in this month. Not to be outdone, Marvel Future Fight is getting in on the action with its own themed content.

Coming to the popular title are fan-favorite characters, uniforms and other items related to the film. Three new Super Heroes – Kingo, Gilgamesh, and Thena – can now be obtained by users, along with other uniforms inspired by Marvel Studios’ Eternals. In addition, there is a new ‘The Fate of Mankind’ Epic Quest that can be accessed, which allows players to earn and power-up characters by completing quests.

For those that actively complete all of the story stages, a new “Dimension Rift” dungeon has been added to Marvel Future Fight. Once a stage is granted, access to the Dimensional Rift appears at random intervals. Players can team up with friends or Alliance members to complete this new content and earn rewards.

Other updates for MARVEL Future Fight include:

  • Thena is now upgradeable to Tier-3 and has a new Ultimate Skill added
  • The “Realize Potential” functionality has been added for Kingo, Gilgamesh, and Thena
  • The “Awaken Potential” functionality has been added for Gilgamesh and Kingo and has new Awaken Skills added

Marvel Future Fight is currently available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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