Review: ‘Snelson’ #4 Gets Knocked Down, But Still Gets Up Again In Another Well Observed, Biting Issue

by Olly MacNamee


Snelson is the comedian people love to hate. And, as long as he can make a quick buck, he’ll not apologise. But, will that be enough? Another great, observant issue that resonates with the state of our divided culture today.


You won’t be surprised to learn that even after three issue, and this being the fourth, Snelson is still a dick. And making money from it as may a dick does these days with their overblown sense of male-centric chauvinistic entitlement. There’s certainly a market for it. Just check out YouTube. But, it’s whether or not, even now, he can changed.

Writer Paul Constant continues to tow a fine line as he wants us to feel empathy for a comedian who is clearly living in the past and telling jokes like it’s still the ‘90s. And someone who, even now when he is confronted by a rightfully angry ex-girlfriend, can’t see he’s in the wrong and simply apologise. 

Fred Harper is a consummate artist with more than a flourish of Richard Corben to his style of artwork and it continues to be a great fit with this series. Slightly exaggerated in places, but all too real in other parts. And definitely necessarily over the top during a dream sequence that takes place in this issue. A dream sequences that follows in the footsteps of classic literature with an appropriate dream guide for Nelson to follow and to learn from. But will he? 

A provocative series that many will be more than able to relate to the current supposed culture wars I which comedians often find themselves dragged into, with a nod to several real world complaints referenced too. With its finger on the pulse, it certainly a series for the times and one that asks of the reader to maybe, just maybe, reconsider the current cultural landscape, cancel culture and how far we have taken it.

Snelson #4 is out now from AHOY Comics

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