Review Round Up: A Very Busy Week Of Reviews From Our Dedicated Team

by Olly MacNamee

Wow, what a week we have had on the review front here at And once more I have to remind you we are a pretty small but dedicated team. So, on week’s like this I am quite amazed at our output.

Scott Redmond worked through reviews for BOOM! Studios’ Eat the Rich #4, DC Comics’ Static Season One #4, Aquaman: The Becoming #3, I Am Batman #3, Marvel’s Strange Academy #13, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #32, Excalibur #25 and Image/Skybound’s Stillwater #11.

As for me, I reviewed comiXology Originals’ Clear #2, Marvel’s Fantastic Four Anniversary Tribute #1, Image Comics’ Primordial #3, Vault Comics’ Radio Apocalypse #1, and AWA Upshot’s Not All Robots #4.

And that just leaves Tony Thornley who reviewed DC Comics’ Action Comics #1036 and Richard Bruton who looked at the shortest comic book of the week, Cindy And Biscuit: Year One.

Fifteen books from nine different publishers. Not too shabby, I would say.

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