‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Cast Announced; ‘Doom Patrol’ Actors Replaced

by Erik Amaya

In a way, it feels cosmic that the Dead Boy Detectives of Doom Patrol would be replaced for the Dead Boy Detectives pilot.

According to Variety, the main cast for the proposed HBO Max series — based on ideas by Neil Gaiman, Matt Wagner, Malcolm Jones III, Ed Brubaker, Jill Thompson and others about two British school boys who delight in solving mysteries despite being dead themselves — has been set with George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri taking over as Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland. Sebastian Croft and Ty Tennant played the pair in the most recent season of Doom Patrol. Also, Kassius Nelson replaces Madalyn Horcher as Crystal Palace, a medium who can see them.

Additional cast includes Alexander Calvert as Thomas The Cat King; Briana Cuoco as Jenny, a “mildly punk” butcher; Jenn Lyon as Esther, a witch “obsessed with youth and immortality”; and Yuyu Kitamura as Niko, a student with plans on joining the Dead Boy Detectives Agency. Also, Ruth Connell will reportedly continue on as Night Nurse, a character she first played on Doom Patrol.

The cast changes — and Connell’s continuing role — create an odd echo of Doom Patrol itself. The characters of that series debuted on Titans, but the initial Dr. Niles Caulder, Bruno Bichir, was recast with Timothy Dalton when Doom Patrol went into production. As Warner Bros. Television declined comment, it is unclear why the three Dead Boy headliners were replaced. In terms of narrative conceits, Doom Patrol takes place on its own distinct Earth from Titans, making the casting switch possible. The same could be true for Dead Boy Detectives as seeming all of the Max series take place in their own slice of the Multiverse. The production reason for the switch may be unknown for some time to come.

The Flight Attendant creator Steve Yockey is on board as an executive producer and will write the pilot script. Doom Patrol creator Jeremy Carver and Berlanti Productions are also part of the deal. That seems natural as so much of HBO Max’s DC Entertainment content emerges from this group of creatives.

Since the program is still being produced as a pilot, it is unclear when or if it will debut on HBO Max.

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