Did I Err Productions Obtains Animation Rights To ‘Groo The Wanderer’

by Erik Amaya

Someday soon, we may finally get to see an animated version of Groo the Wander.

The classic Sergio Argonés character is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. And as part of that celebration, Josh Jones and his production company, Did I Err Productions, have picked up the animation rights to Groo. The series, drawn by Aragonés, with words by Mark Evanier, tells the tale of a dim barbarian warrior who happens to be invincible in battle. Alongside his dog, Rufferto, he wanders a dusty world of myths and legends while looking for food and lodging, but often finding calamity as the accident-prone Groo causes upheaval by just wandering into a town. Though published via Dark Horse since 1998, it originally started at Pacific Comics and moved through three other publishers before finding a long-term home.

Jones will serve as executive producer on the eventual film and/or series alongside Aragonés and Evanier.

“After drawing and living with Groo for so many years, so many comics, so many pages, you can imagine I have drawn Groo in every position imaginable,” Aragonés said in a statement. “Mark and I wondered so many times how he — Groo, not Mark — would look animated. We studied what we have seen on the screen by different animators and laughed plenty. Now, I know that we are going in the right direction and I can assure the fans that they will love Groo the way Mark and I do.”

“I’ve loved Groo the Wanderer since I was eight years old, and to have the honor of bringing the character to on-screen life is, quite literally, a lifelong dream come true,” Jones added. “Sergio’s style, the characters, the world, and especially the humor have always appealed to me. I just want to help bring what I’ve loved for so long to the next generation!”

As with all newly announced deals, it is unclear how swiftly this will materialize (if at all), but in this case, we definitely hope it happens soon.

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