Previewing Marvel’s ‘Star Wars The High Republic: Trail Of Shadows’ #2

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by: David Lopez

Written by: Daniel Jose Older
Art by: Dave Wachter

“EMERICK AND SIAN FACE TOTAL AN-NIHIL-ATION! As dead ends and loose threads mount in Jedi Master Emerick Caphtor’s investigation, he’s called to Coruscant, where Chancellor Soh introduces him to his new partner: private eye Sian Holt. Together, they must go undercover to infiltrate one of the most crime-riddled and dangerous planets in the galaxy. Will Emerick’s duty to the Republic get in the way of Sian’s personal vendetta? Time’s running out to close this case…and what do the Nihil have to do with any of this?!”

Star Wars The High Republic: Trail of Shadows #2 is is out Wednesday 24th November from Marvel

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