Comicon’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2021, Part Two

by Brendan M. Allen

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite comic book enthusiast, gamer, cinephile, or collector? Holiday shopping can be a real struggle. We have some ideas to help. Welcome to Comicon’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2021, Part Two.

Father Christmas – Raymond Briggs (1973)

Blooming Christmas…

Not be as well known as The Snowman, but this is the best Christmas comic, without question. Briggs’ Santa isn’t the jovial, magical fella of Coke adverts, gallivanting around the world with a smile and a chortle. No, it’s blooming this and blooming that as Briggs’ grumpy old Father Christmas moans his way round the slumbering world. The only thing brightening his night is the plentiful supply of food and drink, particularly the drink. Artistically superb, full of wonderful details, it’s simply genius work from a great of British comics.

Available wherever books are sold – hardback or softback from around £7 / $10 USD

But, as always, try to support your local independent bookstore!

-Submitted by Richard Bruton

The Creative Gene

Hideo Kojima is a celebrated video game auteur with a vision so unique even die-hard fans find it hard to untangle. Whether you’re a fan of Kojima’s games or unique artists in general you might ask Santa for The Creative Gene: How books, movies, and music inspired the creator of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid. The book is a collection of essays that give Kojima’s personal insights into the movies, music, and books that ignited his passion for stories and storytelling. It’s always a treat to know what masters of pop-culture think of other pop-culture.

Priced at $22.99 from Viz media The CreativeGene is the perfect gift for the creative gamer.

-Submitted by Tito James

Gotham City Cocktails

If you’ve seen our Happy Hour: Comics and Cocktails series (fka BarCon) on YouTube, you know that I love finding ways to incorporate my other interests into my comics fandom.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I pitched this book to Cullen Bunn to feature our first video, but we were both blown away, not only by the quality of the cocktails, but also the dedication to the theme. Gotham City Cocktails pulls the world of DC’s Batman into the bar with amazing drink and appetizer recipes that all have immersive backstories that fit right into the Dark Knight Mythos. 

Simon and Schuster put together a convenient list of sellers right here where you can find the book for $25 or less. 

– Submitted by Brendan M. Allen

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Price: $14.99/month $59.99/6 months with pre-paid card.

Subscription game services have been tried off-and-on since the days of DVDs-by-mail, but none really worked as well as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Offering over 100 games at any given time, it often creates the opportunity to play titles that would otherwise not fit into a gamer’s given budget. Additionally, all new games from Microsoft-affiliated studios, like Bethesda, will be available on the service from the day of their release. Additionally, the service is available on Xbox consoles, PCs, and even other platforms via a gaming-over-cloud beta, allowing someone to play anything from the most recent Forza Horizon to maligned games like Marvel’s Avengers.

Xbox Game Pass is available directly from Microsoft or most big box retailers.

-Submitted by Erik Amaya


‘Peanuts’ Christmas Tree

That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

‘I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.’ – Linus Van Pelt

Just like Linus, you need to find a little Christmas spirit in your lives – and there’s no better way than reading A Charlie Brown Christmas and putting up your own lil’ version of Charlie Brown’s iconic lil’ tree. There’s been one in every house I’ve been in for years, my daughter has had hers since she was a tiny thing, and you really need one in your lives as well!

The famous Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and the book, A Charlie Brown Christmas, comes in a lovely little book set.

Available from all the usual suspects from around £12 / $16 when we looked last, but hey, try going to your local indy bookstore!

-Submitted by Richard Bruton


Groot Christmas Funko

Let Groot celebrate Christmas with you!

C’mon, everyone loves Groot, right? Well, we do, and we think there’s no better Groot for Christmas than this one. I mean, just look at that happy smiling face and those big black eyes, all decked out with festive lights and baubles! Go on, give the gift of Groot this Christmas!

Available from Amazon US for $19.90

And Amazon UK for  £18.99

-Submitted by Richard Bruton

Groove Life Licensed Marvel Belts

I didn’t know what to expect when I received my package from Groove Life. What I found, though, was a good solid belt, with a unique Spider-Man themed buckle, that was perfect for multi-use. 

After I got used to adjusting the sizing, I thought it was comfortable, with just a bit of stretch, and a magnetic buckle that stayed in place perfectly. Although it’s not something I’d wear to a fancy party or church, it’s perfect for everyday use and wear, plus it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Comics fans can check out their site for a variety of designs, both neutral and geeky, with the Marvel Comic licensed products featuring a range of your favorite superheroes. The belts are a little on the pricey side, at $64.95, but they come with a 94 year no BS warranty

Also, if you place your order between November 25-28, you get a free silicone ring with purchase of a belt, or BOGO on the silicone rings. 

-Submitted by Tony Thornley

Monster Fun Subscription

Britain’s newest and kookiest kids’ comic – coming out in April 2022 and delivered to your door every two months! Inside, you’ll laugh till your sides split to the craziness of characters such as Frankie Stein, Kid Kong, Draculass, Sweeny Toddler, Gums, Teddy Scare, and The Leopard from Lime Street! Subscribe to get free UK postage and awesome subscriber gifts!

And to give the kids an idea of what you’re gifting them, grab a copy of the 48-page Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular, a positively HELL-arious one-off, available right now!

Available here, subscriptions are priced as follows:

Sub + Halloween Spectacular – £23.99 / $31.99 today and then £19.99 / $26.99 a year

Subscription Only, from the first issue in April 2022 – £19.99 / $26.99 a year.

Halloween Spooktacular – ships right away – £4.99 / $6.49

-Submitted by Richard Bruton

Nightmare Alley (1947) Blu-Ray & DVD, Criterion 

While Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film, Nightmare Alley, is getting a lot of early buzz, he’s not the first director to adapt William Lindsay Gresham’s novel for the big screen. That honor goes to Edmund Goulding, and not only does his version star Tyrone Power and Joan Blondell, but Criterion’s Blu-Ray release comes with six Tarot cards (though for some reason Criterion doesn’t include them on the special features list on their website).

-Submitted by Rachel Bellwoar

Beano Subscription

It’s Menacing time – give the kids a classic!

A weekly visit to Beanotown? What could be better for the comics loving kid in your life? It’s the same great comics you remember as a kid, just updated for kids today – so it’s time to read all about the adventures of Dennis The Menace, Minnie The Minx, The Bash Street Kids, and so many more – delivered weekly to your door!.

Subscriptions are available right here for the following rates:

Best deal – £10 for the first three months, then £20 a quarter thereafter (That’s an annual price of £70, compared to the RRP of £137.50!)

6 months prepaid – £49

1 year prepaid – £92.50

2 years prepaid – £166.50


$39 every 3 months

6 months prepaid – $93 

1 year prepaid – $175

2 years prepaid – $314

-Submitted by Richard Bruton

Marvel Legends M.O.D.O.K.

Price: $33-$52

If you have a Marvel fan who doesn’t already have a Marvel Legends M.O.D.O.K. action figure, the irascible, large-cranium carrying leader of AIM might be the right choice this holiday gift-giving season. Standing eight inches tall (with the jet blast attachment), he cuts an imposing profile on any toy shelf. His design is unique, after all. He also comes with swappable hands and face plate which can all be hidden within his head. He does require some simple assembly, but that’s part of the fun of owning your very own M.O.D.O.K.

Marvel Legends M.O.D.O.K. is available at major retailers and directly from Hasbro.

-Submitted by Erik Amaya


The Story Of Marvel Studios

The Making Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe By Tara Bennett And Paul Terr

A massive Marvel book for a massive Marvel fan!

Wow, this is one impressive book! 512 pages across two beautifully made foil-stamped cloth hardcovers, complete with their own slipcase with exclusive wrap-around MCU concept art – it’s just perfect for any fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

This is the definitive story of the creation and making of the MCU, with input from studio creatives and extensive photos and illustrations all the way through to cover every project from the entire Infinity Saga, from 2008’s Iron Man all the way to 2019’s Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Amazon UK offers the book right here for £83.69 (at the time of writing!)

Amazon US has it right here for $134.99 (at the time of writing)

-Submitted by Richard Bruton

Fantoons Music-Based Graphic Novels

The folks over at Fantoons have created some really cool music-based graphic novels and merchandise for anyone looking for some unique ways to celebrate their music fandom. The musicians represented on their products range from the freaky (a Frank Zappa coloring book $15.99) to the raucous (the seek-and-find books Where is Alice Cooper $19.99 and Where is Lemmy $14.99) the more obscure but welcome (The Official Marillion Coloring Book $17.99) to the sultry (The Billie Holiday Graphic Novel $25.99).

But the real boon here will be for Rush fans who have the best pick of neat items that include decorative cereal boxes based on some of their albums like 2112 and Presto, ( both $5) a red and black sketch blueprint cover for their classic album Moving Pictures (limited edition copy of 100 $30) , Neil Peart: The Illustrated Quotes Book ($19.99) an illustrated book of quotes by Rush’s drummer Neil Peart aka “The Professor” that I find particularly cool. 

The best book of them all that I’ve encountered, however, is the graphic novel Rush: The Making of A Farewell to Kings in both hardcover ($44.99) and softcover ($24.99).

Fantoons definitely has their whimsy phasers set to stun, but what else would one expect form a company that puts out a Ramones counting book ($11.99)?. Heads up: if you buy the hardcover edition of Rush: A Making of Farewell to Kings from the Fantoons store on Etsy, you’ll save on free shipping. Buy two so you can keep one for yourself.

-Submitted by Cesareo Garasa

‘Harker’ Books 1 And 2

The greatest British police procedural comic you can find! A perfect comic gift!

Harker is a perfect example of how damn great Brit comics are right now – it’s a great detective thriller with an intriguing story, wonderful art, cracking dialogue and moments of out and out comedy… Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks’ Harker is just the finest police procedural you’re ever going to read. 

So, what are you waiting for, join multiple murder specialists DCI Harker (miserable and eccentric) and DS Critchley (annoyingly upbeat) as they investigate something gruesome at the British Museum. It’s the perfectgift for someone in your family who loves all the great Brit cop shows, such as The Sweeney and Inspector Morse, but also has a love of classic Agatha Christie sleuthing and a dash of weirdness, X-Files style!

The books are available here:

Harker Book 1 – The Book of Solomon Part 1 

Harker Book 2 – The Book of Solomon Part 2

£11.99 UK, £13.99 Europe, £15.99 Worldwide ($21.50 USD)

And if you want to see what we thought of Harker here at Comicon, check out our reviews of Book 1 and Book 2.

-Submitted by Richard Bruton


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