Not Your Final Girl Podcast: Blood, Sex, And Stepmoms, With Guest Ashley George

by Brendan M. Allen

We’re officially in The Holidays, ghouls, and it’s time for some dark re-tellings, some real Grimm brothers shit. Candace Sluder and Ariel Dyer are talking to filmmaker Ashley George about essential Tim Burton goth feature Sleepy Hollow (1999), as well as the tragically new-to-us Snow White: a Tale of Terror (1997).

Themes of this episode include: unusual gore, witchcraft, maiden/mother/crone dynamics, stuff you can’t believe they were allowed to put on screen in the 90’s, psychotic womanhood, and of course stepmothers who make you go “Good For Her.” Put on this double feature for the whole family if you’re celebrating this week and would rather not be invited back. Or if your family’s cool. Either way, it sounds like a good time to us.

Ashley George is a director and producer inspired by unique stories and new perspectives. Recent films directed by Ashley include female revenge horror short Diabla, which is on the fest circuit now taking home awards such as the Golden Skull for Best Short Film at Morbido Film Festival and FilmQuest’s Best Foreign Short, and queer 90s drama Sometimes Forever. She’s currently developing a slate of features set to film in 2022 including her directorial debut Wave Mother and Ryan O’Leary‘s Searching For A Former Clarity (as producer). Her films have screened at festivals such as Fantasia, Milwaukee, Nightstream, Cine Huesca and Norwich.

Movies Discussed: Sleepy Hollow (1999), Snow White, a Tale of Terror(1997)

Show music by Ariel Dyer:

Show art by Brian Demarest:

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