Scout Comics Announces Steampunk Revenge Story ‘A King’s Vengeance’

by Brendan M. Allen

Scout Comics has announced A King’s Vengeance for December 2021. Brought to you by creators Peter Ricq and Davila LeBlanc, a vexed warrior who was once a loving father and husband is brought back to life 25 years later to avenge the demons responsible.  

‘A steampunk medieval fantasy adventure wrapped in an action packed revenge story. We follow King Olric who on the last day of a 4 year war confronts the demon responsible. Unable to kill him, the demon assumes the form of his son and slays Olfric. Resurrected by necromancer Beltho Krane 25 years later, Beltho offers Olfric vengeance in exchange for his service. 

Together, the pair hunt the demon and all those connected to his and his family’s death. Even if it means taking them on one enemy at a time. Inspired by Conan The Barbarian, Robocop, Game of Thrones and Hellboy.’

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