Extended Preview: Dynamite Comics’ ‘Jennifer Blood’ #3

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Lucio Parrillo (A)

Written by Fred Van Lente

Art by Vincenzo Federici

“The Mafia dons of the criminal-run town of Bountiful have gathered together for their annual Hunt, pitting East Coast mob against West Coast mob to see who can track down the most innocents in an abandoned army base. Except a third player has entered this year’s competition: Jennifer Blood, and she plays for keeps! Assassin Giulietta Romeo at last comes face to face with her elusive prey!”

Jennifer Blood #3 is out 1st December from Dynamite Comics

Cover by Joseph Michael Linsner (B)
Cover by Lesley ‘Leirix’ Li (C)
Cover by Junggeun Yoon (D)
Rachel Hollon Cosplay (E)

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