Review: ‘Transformers Beast Wars’ #10 Surprises

by Benjamin Hall


Optimus Primal has a plan to take the fight to Predacons. However, even with a new member to the Maximals’ faction this plan may still go awry. Yet, will it be a terminal end to the Beast Wars or just the start of a new chapter?


Writer Erik Burnham does great at making the characterization and dialogue believable. However, Burnham puts in a reference to a character that results in a jarring effect. At least it will be jarring for both die-hard and casual fans of both Beast Wars (1996-1999) and The Transformers The Movie (1986). Yet, it will not pose a problem for those without any prior knowledge. Unfortunately Burnham is also somewhat failing at using the entire cast of characters. For example some characters are present, but do not get a chance to do anything. On the plus side Burnham along with artist Josh Burcham create a surprising development for one character during a moment of action.

Transformers Beast Wars #10 (2021) Cover A art by Anna Malkova

Burcham and letterer Jake M. Wood provide the rest of the interior elements for this issue. While Burcham does fine with characterization the use of minimalism on certain details remains unnecessary. Though Burcham rocks the surprise action moment. Yet, this moment is somewhat hurt by the application of an outlandish color pattern to the background. As for the lettering Wood mostly does a great job with sizing and placement. However, Wood utterly fails at lettering one bit of dialogue due to it lacking a word balloon and its placement. If just the placement had been better than the dialogue looking somewhat like a sound effect would kind of work.

Cover A is by artist Anna Malkova and features an overall great design. The depth and proportions are especially great. Yet, Rattrap has googly eyes and what looks like a different animal form, and this hurts the characterization aspect of the cover. Cover B features art by Freddie E. Williams II and colorist Jeremy Colwell. It is arguably the most epic looking due to amazing selection of hues and the confident line work. Finally artist Casey W. Coller and colorist John-Paul Bove are responsible for cover RI. Despite an equally astounding coloring job to that on cover B Coller’s art barely misses looking overly busy.

Transformers Beast Wars #10 is out now from IDW.

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