CCSE 2021: Sina Grace Announces ‘Aliens Exist’ And Mystery Gotham Project

by Gary Catig

Spotlight panels at conventions are a great opportunity to see a more personal side of your favorite comic creators. They can include origin stories, fun anecdotes behind a series or issue, and a look at someone’s process. Sometimes, news and announcements are revealed.

At Comic-Con Special Edition, invited guest, Sina Grace, used part of his creator spotlight to share some of his upcoming projects. Since his falling out with Marvel, Grace has been receiving several gigs at DC Comics contributing to DC Love is a Battlefield #1 and DC’s Crimes of Passion #1 in addition to writing such characters as Wonder Woman and Shazam. His next DC work will have him writing a Gotham story. He couldn’t give any more details such as which character but hopefully we’ll learn more in the coming months.

A project that Grace could talk more about is his upcoming series, Aliens Exist. It will be on the online webcomic platform, Tapas, which specializes on bite-sized stories on the go. The elevator pitch is Mallrats meets Mindhunters and is about two inept people who realize there are aliens on Earth. The art will be done by Stefano Simeone, whom Grace worked with on Read Only Memories from IDW. Aliens Exist will arrive some time next year.

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