Peter Landesman Signs On To Adapt ‘The Recount’

by Erik Amaya

Scout Comics’ move into film and television continues apace.

According to Deadline, Concussion director Peter Landesman has signed on to co-write an adaptation of Jonathan Hedrick and Gabriel Ibarra Nunez‘s The Recount. The comic book tells the story of a Secret Service agent who must protect the life of the Vice President after the President is killed by a member of their own detail. Coming from very different backgrounds and belief, the VP and the agent must work together to foil a vast conspiracy aimed at the heart of American Democracy. Nick Jones Jr. will co-write the film alongside Landesman.

“As storytellers, we’re struggling to capture not just this fraught political moment, but what it means, and will mean, for our immediate futures,” Landesman said in a statement. “When I read this graphic piece, it made me yearn for the days when character and integrity had value, and what would happen when you pack that into an imperative to survive, not just to live, but to lead. I want this movie to look like what many of us are feeling.”

The film will be produced by Motor Content, Scout Comics, and KadinCreative, with Jordan Moore on board as an executive producer. Don Handfield, Jonathan Kadin, and Landesman will also produce.

As with all newly announced projects, it is unclear when or even if the project will emerge.

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