Post-Apocalypse On Shrooms: Watch The ‘Rust–Eater Bisco’ Trailer

by Tito W. James

In the distant future a disaster known as the “Rusty Wind” has reduced civilization to a barren desert. Rust–Eater Bisco follows the roguish Bisco and dashing doctor Milo as they navigate the hostile terrane to find a mushroom known as the Rust Eater. From the trailer Rust–Eater Bisco looks like a post-apocalyptic Akame Ga Kill. I’m hoping there’s a similar vibe that balances elements of horror, Ecchi comedy, and epic fantasy. With strong character and creature designs Rust–Eater Bisco could be an anime that’s out of this world.

Look out for Rust–Eater Bisco in January 2022.

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