Advance Review: An Inventive And Fun Time Travelling Heist Comes To A Satisfying Ending In ‘Chu’ #10

by Olly MacNamee


The heist of the century – the 19th century that is – comes to a dramatic conclusion in ‘Chu’ 10 with a good few twists to the tale along the way. Saffron Chu knows what she wants and God help anyone who gets in her way. Smart, silly, and hopefully returning in 2022.


As heist capers go, this is by far one of the more inventive I’ve come across in a good while. And, like many a good heist story, it has a twist or two in the telling. John Layman and Dan Boultwood make the most of this time-travelling tale and use a number of time-travelling tropes to great effect to ensure Saffron Chu comes out on top. And once more proving Saffron is a quick-thinking, fast-talking independently minded criminal who won’t be exploited by any one man. Well, except when it comes to her taste in boyfriends. There, she has a real blindspot. A memorable anti-hero in the making, if only she ditched her slime-ball boyfriend.

Back in early 19th century France one more time, Saffron has a cunning plan. One that involves booze and informative thinking of the finest vintage. And Boultwood again keeps things bright and breezy with his cartoony style of artwork. The while thing is loony tunes anyway, so why not have an artwork to match the energy of the script, right?

For fans of Saffron Chu, the conclusion to the ‘(She) Drunk History’ story-arc will go down well, like a fine French wine, leaving a lingering, mouthwatering taste in your mouth gasping for more. After two story-arcs, and plenty off teasing and tantalising set-ups for future plots and subplots, who knows where this furtive creative team will take Saffron next. It’s already a series that, after only ten issue, has defied expectations and will no doubt continue to do so upon its return sometime in 2022, I hope. 

Chu #10 is out Wednesday 1st December from Image Comics.

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