Kickstarting Comics – ‘Harker: The Black Hound – Part One – The End In Sight

by Richard Bruton

The latest Time Bomb Comics Kickstarter for the fabulous Harker series by Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks is coming to the end of it’s Kickstarter right now – but there’s still time to add to the fund for The Black Hound Part One – it’s Twin Peaks meets Morse and it’s all set up in Dracula country, Whitby!

Harker: The Black Hound Part One is the third, full colour, sixty-eight page perfect-bound volume of my very favourite crime series, something I’ve already described as…

Harker is just the finest police procedural you’re ever going to read. A  dazzling display of sparkling dialogue, intense action, and just the right smattering of perfectly pitched comedy along the way. You can’t do better than Harker.

And all that just keeps on coming with the second storyline, originally published in black and white as The Woman In Black and now in full-colour as The Black Hound, again splitting the second tale into two volumes.

With The Black Hound, we have the wonderfully grumpy DCI Harker, mixing up all that’s wonderful about every great police stereotype from Jack Regan to Gene Hunt, on holiday in Whitby (Dracula and Goth weekender country!)

Except his holiday gets interrupted and he gets annoyed, first by an annoying crime writer on a murder mystery weekend and then by that same annoying crime writer getting annoyingly murdered. Annoyed is Harker’s default emotion.

Anyway, the last thing he wants is to be dragged into solving another bloody murder – he’s on his hols. But, despite many annoyed and grumpy protests, when DS Critchley needs his help when a second body washes in with the tide, it’s Harker and Critchley back on the case. Who is the murderer, what does it have to do with this spooky old coastal town, and how does it involve the huge dog seen on the Moors?

Oh yes, second Harker storyline – just as wonderfully entertaining as the first one!

You can find the successful Kickstarter for Harker here, but just because it’s already made target don’t ignore this chance to back and buy one of the finest police procedural comics I’ve read, a comic I’ve loved for a lot of years!

There’s plenty of stretch goals and extras on offer, like this one: The Printed Plus Edition reward comes with an exclusive print of our cover artwork by Harker artist and co-creator Vincent Danks only be available in this campaign. Our Printed Plus reward is also the one to go for if you want to get all the stretch goals if/when they’re unlocked.

Or there’s The Bookplate Edition reward, also featuring Vincent Danks art, with the bookplate signed and numbered by Danks and Gibson. Again, exclusive to this KS campaign and not going to be offered anywhere else.

The exclusive bookplate from The Bookplate Edition

Six original pencilled pages from The Black Hound Part One are also being made available through this campaign with our limited one-off rewards that provide a rare opportunity to own some original Harker artwork. These, in fact…


It’s already hit stretch goals, including both of these gorgeous pieces from Vincent Danks as limited prints as part of the Printed Plus Edition reward package…


The Kickstarter for Harker: The Black Hound Part One is on right now and runs to 1 December.

Do yerself a favour and go back it – it’s a fabulous comic!

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