‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Gives A Deep Dive Into It’s Holiday Content

by Sage Ashford

After a year of people asking for Spider-Man, developer Crystal Dynamics has finally been able to deliver with their holiday content update to Marvel’s Avengers, which will also come with the game’s first raid, Discordant Sound.

Unsurprisingly, since Spider-Man is only available for PlayStation consoles, he won’t be getting a full Operation, but instead a Hero Event, which comes with a series of cutscenes with a bunch of challenges in between to introduce Spider-Man to the Avengers.  Meanwhile, the Raid will see the Avengers face off against a more powerful version of Klaw for the final part of his story.

This 2.2 update will also make some major changes to the loot system, simplifying the loot system and making it easier to upgrade gear. Lastly, they’ve also added the Shipment system, which allows players to use in-game currency to purchase a “loot box”. Players will be able to purchase these shipments to gain items like nameplates, costumes, and resources.

Of course, most fans at this point are probably most curious about a season two roadmap for 2022. Currently, Crystal Dynamics is still quiet on this, though they did say they wanted to release a new roadmap by the end of the year.

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