‘Seven Knights 2’ First Update Introduces New Legendary Hero

by Gary Catig

November saw the launch of the new mobile game, Seven Knights 2, and now it will be receiving its first ever update. The update will provide new ways to play and immerse yourself into the world of Seven Knights. The additions will allow users to gear up for new challenges including the new Guild War.

The new legendary hero, Scarlet Volley Legendary Claire, will help players take on even stronger enemies. For those who like different outfits, the Schoolgirl Claire costume is also available for purchase at Yuri’s Dressing Room.

To welcome the new hero, a Hero Summon Rate Up Event will also give users a chance to acquire Legendary Heroes to strengthen their decks:

  • Special Summon Rate Up: Increased Rate for acquiring Legendary+ Nestra’s Disciple Shane
  • Summon Shop Rate Up: Increased Rates for acquiring Scarlet Volley Legendary Claire and White Wolf Legendary Evan

To help users level up Scarlet Volley Claire, the ‘Scarlet Volley Claire Upgrade Support Special Mission!’ Event provides users with additional rewards according to the level achieved for Claire. Players can receive up to 20 Scarlet Volley Claire Soulstones from the event.

Lastly, a new Guild War has been added to Seven Knights 2. In addition to Guild Missions, guilds now offer exciting Guild Wars, a season-based content that tests the strengths of opposing guilds for season rewards. The pre-season starts on November 27th, and guilds will have to bring all they’ve got to emerge victorious in this competitive game mode. Players can earn special rewards for participating in the Guild War through the “Enjoy the Guild Pre-Season! Special Mission” Event (Nov. 24 to Dec. 8).

Seven Knights II is available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

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