The Art Of Politics – November – Business As Usual… Now With Added Omicron

by Richard Bruton

The Art of Politics – our regular spin around the best of political cartooning – proof that a picture can be far more incisive and truthful than any number of words… this month – failing to save the climate, succeeding in corruption and sleeze, failing to deal with Covid, succeeding in making the world a less safe place … hmmm, business as usual…

And late breaking news, hitting in the week before the end of the month, just in time for the run up for Christmas – we have a very special present from Coronavirus – Omicron (which really does sound like a dodgy Transformer.)

Omicron Attack…

Morten Morland – 

Brian Adcock – 


Climate Crisis… What Crisis?

Chris Riddell – nailing everything accomplished by Cop 26…


Well, the month began with COP26 in Glasgow, as politicians from around the world flew in, many on their private jets, to talk and talk and talk and talk about saving the planet. Yes, talk was about all that happened though – no surprise there, eh?

And in the end, what did we get? “Phasing down” the use of coal instead of “Phasing out” – because that’s going to work, isn’t it?

Good old Boris was there, of course, although he did fly back after three days – yeah, he really didn’t get the memo…

Ben Jennings

Peter Brookes

Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson again –

Nicola Jennings

Brian Adcock

Morten Morland

Peter Schrank

Dave Brown

And if we needed something to show us the real power behind any climate policy, Shell announced they were moving their corporate HQ back to Britain… why, it’s almost like they have friends in power…

Steve Bell

Heads In The Trough Again…

Meanwhile, us Brits were in the middle of another political scandal as the newspapers revealed what we already knew – they’re all just pigs in the trough, rooting around for whatever money they can grab for themselves while voting to punish everyone else. It was all talk of second jobs for MPs, raking in money hand over fist while they’re not doing the jobs we elected them for.

And since it was November – remember, remember – the spirit of Guy Fawkes was perfectly evoked by Dave Brown

And by Peter Brookes

The latest bit of sleeze came when MP Owen Paterson was suspended for breaking Parliamentary rules over lobbying for companies he was being paid a fortune by – well, a fortune for us, just a drop in the ocean for most of them. The Tory MPs looked at one of their own being punished for breaking the rules and voted in favour of getting rid of the Parliamentary body that suspended him. (BBC)

Amazingly, the public and media thought this was some kind of venal move – I mean, who knew? Which led to a U-turn that would make the Fast & Furious boys want to add politicians to their fam…

Martin Rowson

Ben Jennings

Steve Bell

Dave Brown

Chris Riddell

Morten Morland

And another from Morland


Not Welcome to Great Britain – the Migrant Crisis that wasn’t:

As if on cue, when threatened with drops in the popularity polls, out comes the old favourite vote getter from bigots of all ages – the Migrant Crisis. With a Home Secretary who’s previously told us that she wouldn’t have allowed her own parents into the UK with the sorts of immigration rules in place, it’s no surprise to see the shocking lack of compassion with the small numbers of asylum seekers – and the majority of them are asylum seekers – coming across the English Channel on a dangerous, even deadly crossing in small boats unsuited to the crossing.

Ben Jennings

And then of course, both the French and the British got into it, blaming each other, tossing their toys out of their respective prams. After all, far better for both sides to appeal to their voter base by stoking the old problems between the countries. Macron and Johnson can then go back to their parties and voters and blame the other. Because that’s far easier than actually doing something about the problem and maybe saving the lives of desperate men, women, and children.

Steve Bell – 

Seamus Jennings – 

Peter Schrank – 

Peter Brookes – 


Social Care – It’s Okay If You’re Rich

Another terrible month for those living in Britain who dare to need some kind of social care from the Government. This month we saw new rules meaning that you were going to need to sell your homes to cover your social care in older age – unless you were rich that is. The proposed cap on how much money people will be expected to provide from their own savings will mean that poorer people will be disproportionately affected, leading to some having to sell their homes.

Brian Adcock – 

Morten Morland


Martin Rowson

Prime Minister – Are you Okay?

A chaotic speech to the business leaders of the UK at the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) saw Boris Johnson first lose his way in a speech and then go off on a rambling bit about Peppa Pig World.

It prompted the opposition leader in the House of Commons to ask, “Prime Minister, are you okay?” But yes, he’s fine, he’s just wheeling out comedy buffoon Boris to take the press and nation’s attention from all the other terrible things they’re doing, just like he’s always done.

Chris Riddell – 

Ben Jennings – 

Meanwhile – over in the US…

Of course, the climate crisis and COP26 was news – here’s Kal on that –

And Ann Telnaes

Peter Kuper

Ellis Rosen

Although COP26 and the climate crisis had to share the headlines with the shock over petrol pump prices going up and up – although for the US, anything over $3 a gallon seems to shock and offend. The world does love a bit of irony, doesn’t it?

Attacks On Women’s Rights Continue:

We also had the renewed attacks on women’s rights to choose from the right of American politics – the abortion issue gets more and more difficult to ignore, despite how hard the Supreme Court and America’s leaders try… letting a minority of anti-abortionists dominate the law, despite the facts that the majority of Americans support Roe v Wade. (ABC)

So, more and more states are seemingly looking at putting in almost impossible to navigate abortion laws, first Texas, next…

Mike Peters

Coup? What Coup?

Politically, the fallout from the January insurrection/coup (or whatever you want to call it) and Trump’s Presidency (or whatever you want to call it) continued…

Steve Bannon surrendered to authorities on contempt of Congress charges. (MSNBC)


Meanwhile, in the increasingly divided political system, we had Representative Paul Gosar censured by the House of Representatives for posting a doctored anime video that showed him killing Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Nick Anderson – 



Justice Through The Gun?

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial ended – with a not guilty verdict on all counts – (Sky has a good roundup here) – but you remember the story – the 17-year-old who went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and walked around with a military-style semi-automatic rifle – saying he was looking to protect buildings from being looted – he ended up shooting three people, killing two of them.

In the USA, this is being reported so matter of factly through so many news sources. The rest of the world just looks at the leader of the free world and wonders, yet again, have you lost your fricking mind?

Tom Stiglich

Kal –

Pedro Molina – 

Thankfully, we didn’t see a similar not guilty verdict in the trial of the three men convicted of chasing, shooting, and killing 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery in South Georgia. They suspected him of committing a series of break-ins but the jury found that they had no grounds for that and certainly nothing to allow them to chase him down and murder him.

Ann Telnaes – 

Covid – immunisations and mask mandates…

America’s response to Covid gets dumber and dumber. In state after state, there are protests going on about mask mandates. The Republicans seem to have a real problem with things as basic as medicine and science… even going on the offensive against Big Bird and Sesame Street when the TV show did a thing about Big Bird getting the jab… Senator Ted Cruz wasn’t impressed…

Ann Telnaes

Dave Whamond – 

And then there was Aaron Rodgers. Brilliant Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers who’d been making a name for himself – ads, TV appearances, a guest-hosting gig on Jeopardy – as someone smart, dependable, trustworthy. Well, old Aaron got pulled from the active roster and put on Covid protocols. See, it turns out that he’s not vaccinated, instead having said in the past that he’s ‘immunised’ against the virus. Yes, Rodgers doesn’t seem to understand how these things work. But it’s another big name jumping on the anti-vax bandwagon – the ignorant and anti-science making the world a more dangerous place.

Mike Peters

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