Vault Comics Meta Comic Book Series ‘A Dark Interlude’ Returns In 2022

by Olly MacNamee

After a rather long hiatus, Vault Comics have announced the return of the delayed A Dark Interlude, the sequel that’s not a sequel to Fearscape. Citing Covid-19 complications as the main reason, A Dark Interlude #3 written by Ryan O’Sullivan returns with a new artist, Piotr Kowalski, to replace outgoing Andrea Mutti.

Of course, in keeping up with the metatextual theme of the whole series, O’Sullivan puts a slightly different spin on the delay:

“Admittedly, I usually hate it when art changes mid-way through a book, but given the metafictional nature of A Dark Interlude, we’ve gone ahead and made it part of the story. This was all part of my master plan, you see. The big delay between Issues 2 and 3? Why, I suppose you could say it was a…Dark Interlude. An obviously intentional piece of comic-distribution-as-performance-art that allowed us to comment on the–” [Editor’s note: the delay was due to covid lock down complications and had nothing to do with Ryan’s “creative vision”. Do not trust the creator of Henry Henry when he says he has “broken kayfabe”. He is pathologically incapable of doing so. Please buy this book so we can finally be rid of him for good.]

So, look out for A Dark Interlude #3 on Wednesday January 26th, 2022, with two covers, A cover by Ariela Kristantina and B cover variant by Rebekah Isaacs. The full synopsis can be found below:

What sort of gibbering reprobate requires solicit information for the third chapter of a story? Why must I continue to write these? And don’t you dare respond citing “contractual obligations”. If we’re going to go down that route, then may I remind you that if it wasn’t for me, nobody would have heard of… [Message truncated once again, with apologies, at the request of Vault Comics].

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