Preview: ‘2000 AD Covers Uncovered’ Brings The Art Of The Process

by Richard Bruton

More 2000 AD goodies coming your way for Christmas time, this time it’s the 2000 AD Covers Uncovered 2021 Annual, with the fabulous art droids behind the covers at 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine breaking down their process for you.

Now, before we start, I should tell you that the Covers Uncovered feature runs over at the 2000 AD website and it’s my good self that puts it together. But despite that glaring conflict of interests… I still reckon it’s a damn fine book – mostly because putting the book together was an exercise in stripping away all the ephemera that I add and just presenting the words and art from the artists.

So, there’s a whole year of great-looking covers from both the 2000 AD weekly Progs and the monthly Megazine, with the artists showing how they’re put together, allowing us to go behind the scenes, looking at pencils, inks, colours, digital and old school. And the new annual presents every single cover, without logos and cover blurbs, all the better to show you the jaw-dropping art on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic! So that’s covers from John Higgins, PJ Holden, Toby Willsmer, Nick Percival, Alex Ronald, Colin MacNeil, and so many more, including this stunner across three pages from Mick MacMahon

You’ll get the artists talking you through the steps from scary blank page to the finished piece, some of them short and incisive, others going deep into the creative process, whilst the likes of Mark Harrison, SK Moore, Dave Taylor, and Paul Williams go deep, deep, and deeper still into not just process but motivation, background, inspiration, and some strange places along the way!

The whole thing started many, many years back when 2000 AD fan, Pete Wells, set up the 2000 AD Covers Uncovered feature as a blog and then on the 2000 AD site. When he was way too busy to keep the feature going, I was asked to step in and, with Pete’s blessing, we’ve kept going with it almost weekly since then.

To give you an idea of what you’re getting, I’ve included a few preview pages that should show you all you need to know.

The 2000 AD Covers Uncovered Annual 2021 is available from the 2000 AD web shop from Wednesday 15th December.

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