‘Terminator: Resistance’ Adding DLC Campaign “Annihilation Line” On December 10

by Sage Ashford

Developer Teyon has confirmed a new expansion campaign for Terminator: Resistance, known as “Annihilation Line”. This DLC will take place in the middle of the main game storyline, with the Resistance assigning Jacob Rivers to head into the Northridge Outpost, where everyone has strangely gone silent.

Players will get to explore more of Jacob’s history while working alongside his band of Resistance forces and Kyle Reese, The campaign’s four-hour-plus runtime will also feature new weapons and new environments to explore. Terminator: Resistance didn’t get the best of reviews, but it does seem like Teyon is invested in continuing to support this game for now.

“Annihilation Line” will come to PC and PlayStation 5 on December 10th.

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