505 Games And Mercury Steam Working On New Third-Person Action RPG

by Sage Ashford

Not long after releasing the critically acclaimed Metroid Dread, studio Mercury Steam has announced they’ll be working with 505 Games in a blog post on their website. The game is described as a third-person action RPG that will take place in a dark fantasy world. It is currently code-named “Project Iron.” The IP will be co-owned between MercurySteam and the Digital Bros Group, with an initial investment of 27 million euros, or roughly 30 million dollars.

“We are thrilled to work with the team at MercurySteam, a proven studio that over the years has created numerous phenomenal IPs – including the recent hit release Metroid Dread in partnership with Nintendo,” Digital Bros Group Co-CEOs Raffi and Rami Galante said in a statement. “With MercurySteam’s creative vision and talent and 505 Games extensive experience, gamers can expect a high-quality, captivating and engaging videogame.”

While it’s not clear what this game is, with that kind of money being tossed around, it’s certainly not aiming to be a small project.

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