‘Peacemaker’ Faces Butterflies In New Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Roughly a month from its debut, HBO Max and DC have offered another glimpse into Peacemaker. As seen in the new trailer, Peacemaker’s (John Cena) mission has him on the trail of a group classified as “Butterflies.” But as the trailer continues, it becomes clear the seemingly happy-go-lucky adventures of no one’s favorite super-patriot will reveal unexpected depths. Also, Peacemaker’s father (Robert Patrick) may be the break-out character in his own, scummy way.

To an extent, a successful Peacemaker series seems so unlikely, but these are the gambles James Gunn takes with his comic book projects. So, we look forward to seeing how he makes this work. Also, it’ll be interesting to see Cena play something with more emotional depth. His goofball persona in films like The Suicide Squad and Bumblebee proved he has a very likable screen presence, but will he be able to transition to slightly more nuanced material?

Peacemaker debuts January 13th on HBO Max

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