‘Starfield’ Video ‘Into The Starfield: The Endless Pursuit’ Examines Influences

by Sage Ashford

Bethesda continues their promotion of Starfield with the Into the Starfield  video series. As with most of the previous times they’ve shown off Starfield promotional material, it is been more about highlighting the inspiration for the game instead of giving potential fans a glimpse at what the game actually looks like. With this video, Todd Howard, Art Director Matt Carofano, and studio director Angela Browder sit down and talk about Bethesda’s history and the worlds they’ve designed thus far.

Into the Starfield is similar to other Bethesda promotions for previous games. In those cases, game footage tended appeared just a few months before the game launches. With that in mind, there are no plans for Starfield to be at The Game Awards according to people working at Bethesda.

Starfield releases for Xbox Series consoles and PC on November 11th, 2022.

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