House Of X: Previewing This Week’s ‘X-Men’ Comic Books

by Olly MacNamee

Two new titles this week with Hellions #18 and X-Men Legends #9, both out Wednesday 8th December from Marvel

X-Men Legends #9

Written by: Larry Hama
Art by: Billy Tan

“FATAL FOUR WAY! WOLVERINE vs. LADY DEATHSTRIKE vs. OMEGA RED vs. SABRETOOTH! This is the showdown you’ve waited decades for, brought to you as only the legendary Larry Hama can!”

Cover by: Billy Tan

Hellions #18

Written by: Zeb Wells
Art by: Ze Carlos, Stephen Segovia

“HELLIONS NO MORE! ORPHAN-MAKER has committed a horrible crime. As he faces the ultimate penalty, the cracks in the HELLIONS team are on full display. Secrets, betrayals, alliances and loss all come to the surface as the fallout of Orphan-Maker’s actions threatens to end all the Hellions have worked toward! Plus: The return of a fan-favorite X-character in a decision that will rock the foundation of Krakoa!”

Cover by: Stephen Segovia, Rain Beredo

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