‘Seven Knights 2’ Adds New Chapter And Two Characters

by Gary Catig

It was just last week that Seven Knights 2 received its first update that made Scarlet Volley Legendary Claire available. Now the mobile role-playing game is receiving even more new content that users can enjoy.

Players can further immerse themselves in this world with the addition of Chapter 10 to the in-game story. It will focus on Rudy’s adventure to receive the Oracle of Light, as well as the unfinished story of the Daybreak Mercenaries.

Along with the new chapter, Legendary+ Knight of Light Rudy and Legendary Sanguine Rose Miss Velvet can be obtained. The former is a defensive hero that arrives in his original Seven Knights form with even stronger skill compositions, such as Damage Reflection and Taunt. Rudy is the first Legendary+ hero to be added to the game since the launch of Seven Knights 2. The latter is from Karaestelle and is a strong offensive hero that players can easily utilize within Seven Knights 2’s Arena mode.

Other events include:

  • Draw Rate Up Event – Increased Rate for acquiring Knight of Light Rudy and Sanguine Rose Miss Velvet
  • Upgrade Support Special Mission – Players will have the chance to acquire a maximum of 20 Soul Stones for Miss Velvet, and maximum of 10 Soul Stones for Knight of Light Rudy
  • Two Happy Holiday Events: Happy Holiday Celebration Special Mission & Special Check-in Event – Complete missions and log-in each day for rewards including a chance to acquire Legendary Grade Armor and Weapons!

Seven Knights II is available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

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