The Comicon Advent Calendar – Day 10: “Season’s Greetings, Brucie!”

by Richard Bruton

Welcome to day 10 of the Comicon Advent Calendar, our seasonal celebration of something fun and comics-related every day leading up to Christmas. Today, it’s the bat-tastic fun of The Harley and the Ivy

Today the festive delights keep on going with the wonderful fun of The Batman Adventures Holiday Special from 1995.

There’s four stories in here, all of which could easily be used as an Advent entry, but if I had to pick just one it would The Harley And The Ivy, written by Bruce Timm and Ronnie Del Carmen and drawn by Ronnie Del Carmen,

It’s “Season’s Greetings, Brucie!” as poor Bruce Wayne is taken along as for a seasonal shopping spree with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy… fabulous fun, wonderful cartooning, and one of the finest Batman smirks you’ll ever see. Ho Ho and a definite Ho.

I so loved this comic at the time. I still rank so many of these Batman Adventures comics as the very best Batman comics there have ever been. If I had to pick one it would very probably be Mad Love by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, still what I consider to be the very best Batman story there is. But after that, I’d class the Mike Parobeck drawn Batman Adventures comics as some of the very best examples of how to do crystal clear and so perfect storytelling. I always use it as an example of perfect comics storytelling whenever I talk to artists, new or old, and I stand by that. Parobeck’s 4-panel pages were so effortlessly perfect, so wonderful, so simple, it should be used as a template for how comics storytelling should be taught.

And it continued through all the Batman Adventures titles, right up to the recent Batman: The Adventures Continues by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini and drawn by Ty Templeton (who may well pop up later in this advent selection!)

Anyway… Batman Adventures: The Harley and the Ivy… the first few pages…

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