Review: ‘Frontiersman’ #3 Becomes Debatable

by Benjamin Hall


The Frontiersman continues to help a cause while being on camera. Meanwhile several past foes scheme against him. However, one decides to take action. Will this fight end with a picture perfect finish?


Writer Patrick Kindlon does a great job at showcasing characters with different social-political views. Though Kindlon mostly does this via dialogue from the characters there are also moments where actions speak for the characters. Thus, Kindlon’s scripting is heavily reliant on the respective talents of artist Marco Ferrari and letterer Jim Campbell. In the case of the former Kindlon has to rely on Ferrari’s abilities to display panel composition and nonverbal communication. As for Campbell it is mostly a case of correctly positioning and emphasizing the text. Without Ferrari and Campbell correctly doing these elements of their jobs the whole issue would fall apart.

Frontiersman #3 (2021) cover art by Maurizio Rosenzweig

When it comes to the visuals Ferrari does a nice job with other things besides panel composition and nonverbal communication. One of which is using just the right amount of cross-hatching. Ferrari utilizes this element in a way that enhances characterization while also helping with providing shading and shadows. Another is the use of colors to suggest time frames and how the respective sunlight, and lack of, would affect characters’ looks. Unfortunately Ferrari is a little obvious, and arguably generic, with the opening scene’s satiric characters. Also there are two panels (an extreme close-up and a wide shot) that will arguably feel and/or look rather off to some readers. While extreme close-up are usually disturbing the specific wide shot panel is simply odd due to a pose.

The cover is by artist Maurizio Rosenzweig. Like the previous two covers by Rosenzwieg this one is also a wraparound. It is not as great in terms of posing for the human character. Particularly with how there is an apparent disregard for gravity while the character looks to be tripping. Despite the problematic posing the bear, and its accompanying alien elements, look both realistic and otherworldly. Overall this cover is a bit of a downgrade in quality in comparison to the earlier covers for this series.

Frontiersman #3 (2021) is out now from Image Comics.

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