Review: ‘The Swamp Thing’ #10 Delivers More Epic And Existential Action

by Olly MacNamee


Ram V and Mike Perkins offer up epic scale superhero style action, existential encounters and more in another fast paced and intelligent issue of ‘The Swamp Thing’.


The Swamp Thing #10 is an issue that really plays to the strengths of artist Mike Perkins in realising large scale, widescreen conflict, while delivering the highly detailed minutiae associated with the character of Swamp Thing. While the calm Machiavellian monologuing of Harper Pilgrim continues to intercut the battle of the brothers and offer the readers brief respite from the gnarly high stakes showdown in progress, Levi and Jacob duke it out. Unaware that they are both in danger. Can they even survive the cruel and devastating plans of Pilgrim?

Well, what do you think? With the seeming demise of both brothers, writer Ram V once again transports readers into the more existential realms – a common theme in his run – and a spiritual meeting with the latest dream-like guide, the very essence of the Swamp Things past, present and future. Perkins art matches the ethereal mood perfectly.

Not only do we have the epic and ethereal but we also have the horror too. Ram V is certainly testing Perkins skills on this one, as well as colourist Mike Spicer, who also rises to the occasion with the right colours being applied to each varied scene presented. And, one cannot underestimate what letterer Aditya Bidikar brings to bear either. There are a good deal of characters to give voice too and Bidikar’s blend of different fonts, colours and shapes of the speech balloons certainly helps readers to differentiate between the different characters who often narrate over the unfolding scenes. A great help in another wonderfully wordy issue.

This is an issue that has a great deal to it, with a lot of tonal changes and subsequent artistic deviations too. Ram V continues to plow into the more existential dimensions that have long been a big part of Swamp Thing’s legacy as he and Perkins add to the already rich tapestry with their own flourishes and fixtures.

The Swamp Thing #10 is out now from DC Comics.

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