Two Massive 2000 AD Events Teased In The Christmas Prog: What’s Going To Happen This Time?

by Richard Bruton

Two sneak peeks appeared in the Christmas 2000 AD Prog 2262 that we wanted to share with you and talk about – two events that may well turn things upside-down and inside-out in Mega-City One in 2022…

First, the Dan Cornwell art here…

Now, usually when a comic proclaims “This Changes Everything,” you take it with not so much a pinch of salt but the whole massive load of the white stuff.

But this is both 2000 AD and a Judge Dredd story written by John Wagner. And let’s face it, both have got form for living up to any threat of changing everything.

It’s not all that long ago, after all, that Wagner started the whole ‘Day of Chaos’ storyline, 10 years back, so it’s about time Wagner gave us something else monumental.

That one saw Mega-City One infected with the Chaos bug, 350 million out of 400 million dead… and MC-1 is still feeling the effects to this day.

So, when 2000 AD says that “This Changes Everything,” we can only imagine what the hell’s gonna happen this time round!

But not too long to wait – Judge Dredd: The Citadel begins in Prog 2270, out in February – perfectly timed for the 45th Anniversary Prog!

But that wasn’t all we got in the 2000 AD end-of-year Prog 2262. Oh no, there was also this…

Okay then… what the hell is that about, eh?

30 years since ‘Judgement Day, where the dead around the world rose up and only the combination of Judge Dredd and Johnny Alpha, The Strontium Dog, could prevent the world falling.

But, as this teaser tells us,”It could’ve been very different.”

Now, unlike ‘The Citadel, this one seems a lot simpler – this one’s going to be a Dreddworld What-If tale – right?

Well, I have no idea. Never try to predict how 2000 AD will do things. After all, this is where we got the ‘Apocalypse War’, ‘Judgement Day’, ‘Dead Man’, ‘Day of Chaos’, the brilliant surprise of ‘Trifecta’, all of which should have taught you that there’s no second-guessing with 2000 AD. So, although it does look like a simple What-If, it could just as easily be something far more.

We’ll get the chance to see way later in 2022 – as this Undead Event hits in 2000 AD Prog 2300 and Judge Megazine 448 – 21st September 2022.

We shall be waiting expectantly for both new series!

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