Ex-DICE Developers At Embark Studios Premiere Their New Free-To-Play Third-Person Shooter, ‘Arc Raiders’

by Sage Ashford

Embark Studios is a company made up of former DICE developers (Battlefield) and former chief design officer of Electronic Arts, Patrick Soderlund. Soderlund left the studio back in August of 2018, and announced he was working with Embark Studios out of Stockholm in November of that same year. Since then, the studio has been quiet until their appearance at The Game Awards, where they revealed their new project, a four-player co-op shooter known as ARC Raiders.

Arc Raiders is a free to play game where players will work together to battle against a never-ending army of robots from space known as the ARC. As Raiders, players will have to work together to stand a chance against the ARC, who will increase aggression in response to the Raiders fighting back. But it’s not only about fighting the enemy, as players will also have to scavenge the ruins and become creative to keep up with the ARC.

ARC Raiders launches for Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, and PC sometime in 2022.

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