Inflexion Games And Improbable Announce Shared-World Fantasy Game ‘Nightingale’

by Sage Ashford

Recently, developer Inflexion Games announced their first game, a shared-world fantasy game called Nightingale. The studio is being headed up by former BioWare head Aaron Flynn, and the studio is being worked on by plenty of other former BioWare developers as well.

In Nightingale, players find themselves stranded from their home when the arcane portal network shuts down. Now they must travel from world to world trying to find their way back to Nightingale, the last home for humanity. Along the way, players will build new communities where they can survive while also creating the equipment they need to keep traveling. The game takes place in what’s described as a open-world Victorian gas-lamp fantasy universe, and allows for either solo or co-op play.  Combat takes place in first-person despite the third-person exploration in the game.

Nightingale currently is only planned for PC, as it will be in Early Access in 2022.

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