Review: ‘Hawkeye’ S01 Ep.5 ‘Ronin’

by Olly MacNamee

(+++ WARNING: There are spoilers for the latest episode of Hawkeye in this review +++)

You’d think after an episode of low action in favour of the one big reveal this penultimate episode would ramp up the action again. But, it would seem the latest episode of Hawkeye would once again rely on dialogue heavy scenes and another big reveal. THE big reveal that almost everyone has been hoping for. And one Hell of a twist that would, I think, buy into my theory that Jack “The Swordsman” Duquesne (Tony Dalton) is actually on the side of the angels. Or, should that be the Avengers? But, I’ll come to that momentarily.

Keeping with the Christmas setting, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) continues to be haunted by ghosts of Christmas past – Natasha Romanov and his stint as the blood-thirsty Ronin – while Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) is haunted by the ghosts of Christmas present, with a surprise and tense sit down meeting with the new Black Widow (Florence Pugh). And, they’re both still haunted by the ghost of Christmas yet to come, with the murder of Armand (Simon Callow) from episode one still not solved. Well, not yet anyway.

There is one scene that is action orientated as Clint finally faces off with Echo (Alaqua Cox), but like a lot of this series it’s formulaic. Nowhere near as great as the car chase from episode two. The usual take down of goofy tracksuited stereotype villains (who very quickly fell into a lazy comedic side role) quickly and quietly by Clint who just remains off camera. I know I should have been more amped for this episode, but I really wasn’t. 

As for my theory, no hopes, that Duquesne is more than meet the eyes, with the revelation of Kate Bishop’s own mother, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) being behind the hiring of Yelena Belova and in cahoots with the Kingpin (see, I did warn you there’d be spoilers)? Then my hopes for more Swordsman in the future of the MCU has taken a huge step forward. After all, in a rather drab series – even with all that glitzy holiday decor – Duquesne adds a bit of colour. 

Hawkeye is streaming now on Disney + with the final episode out next Wednesday 22nd December.

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