Review: Mike Mignola Returns To The World Of Hellboy With ‘Acheron’

by Tito W. James


Acheron provides an excellent jumping on point to the Mignola-verse and introduces a compelling narrative hook that could reshape Hell as we know it.


Acheron marks the return of comics auteur Mike Mignola writing and drawing his first comic since Hellboy in Hell concluded in 2016. The horror fantasy master returns in style introducing fascinating new characters that are sure to reshape the Mignola-verse in exciting new ways.

Truth be told, I’m a  casual Hellboy fan. I’ve only seen the films, and read the Wild Hunt Omnibus, as well as Hellboy in Hell. It’s a testament to the mastery of Mignola’s craft that I was able follow the story that includes a dense amount of lore and world-building. Even as a first introduction to Sir Edward Grey, now in his new guise as Acheron, I was invested in his character and curious as to how the story could evolve.

So if you’re a Hellboy fan new or old you won’t want to miss out on the start of this next thrilling adventure!

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