Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Quite a busy week for comic book and gaming news, but which tidbits made it on this weekend’s list? And which of our popular regular columns also make it on there too? Let’s take a look and see if there’s anything you may have missed?

  1. As well as comic book news, gaming news was popular this week with readers with Sage Ashford bringing us news of new free-to-play game, Arc Raiders here, as well as Assassin’s Creed getting two new expansions here. Plus, The Expanse, gets a game adaption from Telltale Games too.
  2. Mammoth franchise Star Wars also gets a look in as video game Star Wars: Eclipse, from Quantic Dream was announced here this past week.
  3. Separately, Gary Catig reported on the ever-popular Marvel’s Contest of Champions plans for 2022 here.
  4. Gary also gave us a look at the latest additions to Hasbro’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers toy line here too.
  5. That’s quite a lot of gaming news, isn’t it? But what about the comics, I hear you ask? Or maybe I don’t. Well, DC Comics once more upped their quota of Batman related comic books with the official announcement and first look at Sean Murphy’s Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1 here, as well as Tom King’s Batman: Killing Time here.
  6. Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye gets a look in too with my review of the latest episode to be found here and Frank Martin’s thoughts on Hawkeye merits as a superhero discussed here.
  7. 2000 AD gets not one but two mentions this week with the news of two massive major events happening during the galaxy’s greatest comic’s 45th anniversary year here, as well as the Weekly 2000 AD preview here taking a look at the special Christmas Prog. Both by 2000 AD expert and long-time fan, Richard Bruton.
  8. Three more regular columns get on the list this week with the ICE Cast Live, in which myself and co-hots Shane Chebsey interview the one and only Jim Shooter (here), Ben Martin’s Franchise Explosion (Or Implosion), looking at The Matrix: Revolutions here, and Tony Thornley and Scott Redmond’s The Mutant Court here.
  9. On the TV front, Erik Amaya gave us his final thoughts of The Flash: Armageddon here.
  10. And, finally, a little bit of Holiday cheer as Richard Bruton’s Comicon Advent Calendar makes it on the list too (Day 11 here). You can catch ’em on all of the previous ones here. They’re great fun with a bit of something special with each one. Daily right up to the big day itself.

Well, that’s just about it for another week. And a rather bumper edition too, I hope you’ve noticed? So, all that’s left is my little bit of something extra and I can get out of here and carry on with the gruelling task of holiday gift buying. So, here’s this weekend’s seasonal inclusion, MF Doom X Cookin’ Soul’s ‘Doom X-Mas’. Yo, ho, ho!


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