One Of Mutantkind’s Greatest Walks Away From Krakoa In March’s ‘Immortal X-Men’

by Tony Thornley

We’re learning more about the Destiny of X era of X-Men by the day and from the looks of it Immortal X-Men is going to feature a very unexpected change.

Launching in March from Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck, Immortal X-Men promises to be an exploration of the Quiet Council, and a counterpoint to the ongoing superhero adventures of X-Men. As revealed in a new teaser today though, a key figure within the X-Men and Krakoa is leaving the island nation behind, seemingly forever.

Yep, Magneto is leaving Krakoa.

What does that mean for the Quiet Council and the island nation? We’ll find out in March when Immortal X-Men debuts!

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