‘Spider-Man Beyond’ Ends With Spider-Man Versus Spider-Man… And A Twist!

by Tony Thornley

After years of mediocrity, Spider-Man Beyond breathed exciting life back into Marvel’s flagship Amazing Spider-Man. After six months of Ben Reilly back in the webs, the creators promise it’s going to end in an incredibly unexpected way this March.

Wrapping up in five issues through March, the storyline promises to be a complete surprise as Peter Parker and Ben Reilly come to blows. And Marvel’s press release promises that you’ll be surprised which Spider you cheer for.

Find out what’s behind Door Z in Amazing Spider-Man #91 by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Sara Pichelli. Ben makes his way to the same place Miles Morales was last seen, and he is nowhere to be found. Just door after door of true horrors. Any door’s resident could kill Spider-Man, but Door Z’s might just destroy the whole city!

 In Thompson and Pichelli’s Amazing Spider-Man #92, discover what really happened to the Lizard. And what could he (or more accurately, it, after recent ASM events) possibly have to do with what has been battering Ben Reilly around?

 Writers Saladin Ahmed, Zeb Wells, and Cody Ziglar team up with artist Luigi Zagaria for a special one-shot, Amazing Spider-Man #92.BEY, which will serve as an essential chapter for Monica Rambeau (who you may remember has been working with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing to dig up dirt on Beyond).

 And the BEYOND era’s impact on Miles Morales is far from over. In Ahmed and Chris Allen’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man #36, Miles and Shift are lost in the multiverse, and thanks to the Assessor—it could be a one-way trip!

 And finally, the finale of BEYOND arrives in Amazing Spider-Man #93. Writer Zeb Wells and artist Patrick Gleason close out this hit run with an unforgettable showdown. And you may surprise yourself with who you’re rooting for…

We’ve enjoyed this run quite a bit, so we’ll be sad to see it go, but it’s also been one of most fun runs on Spider-Man we’ve gotten in a long, long time.Be sure to pick up the conclusion to Spider-Man Beyond in March and stay tuned for what’s coming up next…

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