Just How Far Off Is Monolith Production’s ‘Wonder Woman’?

by Sage Ashford


The Game Awards had no shortage of gameplay reveals, and one of the biggest by far was Monolith’s Wonder Woman game. At the moment, Monolith Productions is being pretty quiet about the game — they didn’t offer any gameplay or any information about platforms or even a projected release year.

Generally, this kind of information would lead one to believe this is years off. But after doing a bit of digging, I’m not so sure. Monolith’s last game was Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, which released in 2017. They supported the title until well into 2018, where they finally pulled the MTX from the game because WB felt they’d milked everything they could from the fanbase.

According to ComicBook.com, the developers began hiring for a new team working on an open-world project as early as January 2019. That means this project has been in production for at least three years, but could potentially have been in the planning stages sometime in 2018. They were also staffing up for it as early as a month ago, so they’re not done yet, either. Equally noteworthy is that this game was partially revealed with the GeForce Now leaks, which included Monolith working on “Codename Legacy” with a scheduled to ship in late 2022. Of course, the pandemic has delayed numerous projects and what was once a guaranteed 2022 game is likely 2023 now, especially with Gotham Knights pushed into 2022 and Suicide Squad scheduled for 2022 as well.

No matter how close this game is to release though, we’re months from getting another appearance. At the earliest, it might surface again at E3 next year, while at the latest is likely DC FanDome next fall.

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