‘Wolverine’ Heads Into Destiny Of X With A Familiar Pain In The @$$

by Tony Thornley

It seems every week we’re getting more revelations about Destiny of X, and with Wolverine #19 out today, his next phase is up next.

As announced on the last page of the issue and on Marvel’s social media, Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert continue their run on the character with Wolverine #20 this April. This marks the second title of the line confirmed to be continuing essentially as-is after X Lives/X Deaths of Wolverine.

He’s not coming back alone though, as an extremely familiar character makes his return to the X-line- none other than Wade Wilson, Deadpool! 

Will it just be for a story arc, or is Wade a new regular part of Logan’s supporting cast? We don’t know yet, but we’ll probably find out before the series returns in April!

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