‘Beyond The Beyond’ Takes Off In Early 2022 From Scout Comics

by Brendan M. Allen

Scout Comics has announced Beyond the Beyond for early 2022, from writer Christian Tropeano, artist Gian Fernando, colorist Beyond Colorlab, and letterer Joel Rodriguez.

‘Nova Vega was rendered an orphan after her legendary space explorer parents vanished on their final mission to find the next Earth. Now at 16 years old, Nova resides on a mining colony ruled by Omni, a repressive, robotics corporation. Nova’s inability to follow the rules of society has put her at odds with her older brother and guardian, Sirius. Sirius resents the life his parents led, and fully conforms to Omni.

When an argument between the siblings goes too far, Nova decides to enact her long awaited plan to explore the alien world from where her parents have never returned. Fearing for the safety of his sister, Sirius chases after her, in turn learning the true nature of the corporation he’s trusted his whole life. What both siblings fail to realize, is that the eye of Omni is always watching..’

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