Extended Preview: ‘Red Sonja’ #5 From Mirka Andolofo And Dynamite Comics

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Mirka Andolfo (A)

Writer: Mirka Andolfo

Artist: Giuseppe Cafaro


It has been a long journey east to the kingdom of Vindhya. Here is the sanctuary of the Vestals of Xamul, a demigod who lives in the heart of a volcano. In this place, Sonja and the gifted child she protects, seek something very special.

The ongoing adventures continue, from MIRKA ANDOLFO (Sweet Paprika) and GIUSEPPE CAFARO (Sacred Six)!”

Red Sonja #5 is out Wednesday 5th January from Dynamite Comics

Cover by Lesley “Leirix” Li (B)
Cover by Joseph Michael Linsner (C)
Tabitha Lyons Cosplay Variant (E)

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