Pull List Previews: A Selection Of Popular Previews

by Olly MacNamee

As it has been the week between Christmas and the New Year there weren’t as many new books out, but nonetheless if you are heading to your local comic book store you may want to consider picking up some of the following titles that proved popular when we previewed them this past week. Here’s our top five most popular previews:

  1. DC Comics dominates this week’s list with four top spots. First up, you can catch the preview for Superman ’78 #5 here.
  2. Then there was the Action Comics #1038 preview here.
  3. Horror title DC Vs. Vampires #3 was previewed here.
  4. And, Justice League #70 was previewed here.
  5. Finally, the one non-DC title to make the list this wee as for Marvel’s Devil’s Reign #2 here.

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