Advance Review: The Past Informs The Present In ‘The Magic Order 2’ #3

by Olly MacNamee


A long-held family grudge explained, and a city under siege from the forces of dark magic. Horror, fantasy and fish and chips!


Well, this issue certainly explains why the Korne family don’t much like the Moonstones and the titular Magic Order, that’s for sure. A beef that goes back a thousand years, as revealed in the first few fantasy-filled pages of The Magic Order 2 #3 by Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen. A retelling that also contains a moment of Lovecraftian sized horror too. A horror the Korne family are keen to unleash upon the world, and their enemies, once more.

Immonen once more shows he is as adept at illustrating the both the beautiful and the horrific while colourists Sunny Gho and Daniel Curiel swathe this dark tale in suitably dark colours. A story played out at night, in front of the simplicity of communal fires and the complexity of modern cities, in this case Millar’s very own beloved Glasgow. A city soon lit up as trouble tears its way. In more than one sense too.

It’s a fast moving issue that illuminates the past while informing the present. Magical, macabre with a trademark Millar cliff-hanger too. An issue that effortlessly captures the various dialects and accents Millar’s multicultural characters express, and thereby including a certain sense of realism amongst all the magical mayhem on display.

The Magic Order 2 #3 is out Wednesday 5th January from Image Comics

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