Review: ‘Frontiersman’ #4 Has Issues

by Benjamin Hall


A large presence from the past appears at Frontiersman’s locale. She is not quite a villain. Nor is she a heroine. Yet, will this be a simple conversation between adults, or will old lovers reunite in a slightly risqué way?


Writer Patrick Kindlon does a mostly great job at moving the narrative forward. Yet, the settings remaining the same for several issues is an arguable problem. At least in the sense that it somewhat makes this a “made for the trade” type of story arc. Also some readers may not like that the majority of this issue is primarily characters talking. While other readers may have some trouble with the immediate aftermath of last issue’s cliffhanger. Despite these possible problems Kindlon continues to create compelling analogues that have interesting dialogue. Kindlon’s supplemental essays also continue to be intriguing.

Frontiersman #4 (2021) cover art by Maurizio Rosenzweig and colors by Marco Ferrari

Artist Marco Ferrari provides the interior visuals. While the quality is still as consistently high as in the prior issues there are some problems that appear in this issue. One of them is that Ferrari’s minimalism seems like it is one of his go to artistic cheats. Though this is arguably a nitpick it is resulting in weaker line and/or design work in certain panels. Another problem is that one character’s silhouette looks off-model in this issue. Still Ferrari does a great job when it comes to characterization, especially during the comedic moments. Ferrari also does a great job when it comes to using colors to help suggest moods and atmospheres.

Letterer Jim Campbell expertly places the word balloons in a way that does not obscure, or distract from, the art. Campbell also letters the book in a way that flows nicely with the art. Meaning Campbell ties the art and writing together in a way that goes along with the visual pacing. Though the size of the word balloons looks a small percentage larger than may be necessary. However, on the scale of possible flaws that is one that is barely worthy of discussion.

This issue features a wraparound cover by artist Maurizio Rosenzweig with coloring by Ferrari. It features various little details that further flesh out the Frontiersman’s universe, as well as his personal history. The line work conveys confidence. While the inks solidify the textures. As for the colors they are a nice range of hues that assist with the comfortable romance that Rosenzweig depicts. With this cover Rosenzweig continues to develop an impressive looking series of wraparounds.

Frontiersman #4 is out now from Image Comics.

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