The Bullets Fly Fast And Furious This March In ‘Lead City’

by Brendan M. Allen

Coleman Cooper just wants to get his family to their new homestead, but a blizzard has other ideas stranding him and his family outside of the infamous Lead CityLead City, where once a year the worst gunslingers in the Wild West arrive to battle each other for fame and fortune.

“Lead City started when I began pondering how I’d turn a genre I love, the Western, on its ear,” says creator Eric Borden. “Lead City really grew legs during my first meeting with Kyle (Brummond). With both of us  being Las Vegas natives at the time it seemed natural to work a Wild West book. Since then it’s been both of us pushing one another to make a book the genre has never seen before and we’re pretty sure we’ve done that because Lead City ain’t your Daddy’s gunfight.”

Lead City throws its “every man” character immediately into the deep end.  “Coleman is such a relatable character and the idea of a contest where you can put in all kinds of crazy characters for him to deal with was perfect for this story,” co-publisher Joshua Starnes said.

Plan a trip to Lead City this spring, but make sure you bring a six shooter with you.  The first of four issues of Lead City drops in  March 2022.

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