Pull List Preview: A Selection Of Popular Comic Book Previews

by Olly MacNamee

It’s Saturday morning and you may be considering a trip to support your local comic book store. And, if so, you may want to consider the following titles based on how popular they were when we previewed them last week and all out this past week from the respective publishers. But mainly Marvel, as you’ll see.

  1. Thanks to the good folks at Dynamite Comics sharing their previews with us, and very few other sites, we got plenty of eyes on Red Sonja #5, Pantha #1,  Jennifer’s Blood #4 and Elvira Meets Vincent Price #4.
  2. Marvel’s Elektra, Black, White & Blood #1 was another popular preview which you can check out here.
  3. Another issue that makes the list for suggested titles to add to your pull list was another one from Marvel, Thor #20 (here). That Donny Cates still proving he’s hot property for Marvel Comics.
  4. Marvel also brought out popular gaming tie-in Warhammer 40,000: Sisters of Battle #2 (here).
  5. It’s not a total Marvel whitewash this week though as DC Comics’ Crush & Lobo #8, the series finale, also scored well with readers. View the preview here.

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