Collect The First Dark Attribute Festival Hero In ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’

by Gary Catig

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross rings in 2022 with its New Year Festival in the latest update. Arriving to the cinematic adventure role-playing game is the first dark attribute festival hero along with some other new content.

In the New Year Festival, players who login daily beginning January 7 can receive up to 42 diamonds across 14 consecutive days. Also, [Holy Warrior] Traitor Meliodas is introduced. This version of the character increases damage to all other attributes by 10%, while increasing ally damage against enemies with weaker attributes. Other new available characters are [Holy Warrior] Goddess Elizabeth, [Restored Emotions] Hijack Gowther, [Advent of Flash] Covenant of Light Ludociel, and [Napping Reaper] Dual Swordsman Cusack and they can all be collected from the 2022 New Year Festival Draw Pick-Up. Other SSR Heroes collected from the pick-up will start out at Level 80 and Awakening Level 6.

Additional New Year Festival content for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross include:

  • Lucky Raffle Drum event –Various rewards, including up to 1,000 diamonds, are available to collect. Players can acquire tickets by logging into the game, by clearing a Main Stage or Fort Solgres stage, by sharing the event page on social media.
  • Fortune Teller event – Players can check their fortune once a day and get rewards when they log in. Items like diamonds and super awakening tokens can be earned by finishing the event.
  • Aboru Boss battle – By defeating the limited-time boss, players can use the points earned to obtain rewards, such as New Year’s Special Artifact Card Packs.
  • Goodbye 2021 Bingo event – By completing the bingo board, players can earn the seasonal hero [New Myth] Guardian Jericho.
  • Other in-game enhancements, including a Free Main Quest Continue Chance (allowing players to continue once for free in Main Quests), 50% Stamina Consumption for Main Quests and Free Stages, and doubled player rank experience.
  • From 1/6 – 1/24, costumes can be purchased from the store at a discounted price.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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